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WIND Alarm for tents

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The WIND alarm is a temporary structure wind speed sensor that monitors wind conditions and provides an early warning that the wind conditions are changing and there may be a need to seek shelter.  The device is self contained and uses very little power. The notification is via a flashing strobe light coupled with a loud horn signaling the need for action.



Enclosed in a NEMA 4X rated ABS/PC blended plastic enclosure is the power supply and electronics that is the heart of the WIND device. The device has two relays (fancy word for switch that turns the alarm on and off) that are user configurable  for trip speed as well as reset speed. The first alarm is a visual warning via an amber strobe used to warn people that the conditions are changing, Typically set to come on at 25mph and go off once the wind speed goes below 20 mph. The second alarm is the evacuation alarm, typically set at 37mph to alert people that its time to seek shelter and leave the tent. All Set points are configurable so that the alarm can be used in varying size shape and style of temporary shelter as well as meeting the varying codes across the US

All components are UL and UL Signaling Listed and both power and speed sensor connections are weather-proof.

No tools needed for installation as the alarm is equipped with plug and play electronic connections as well as no tool mounting and sensor mount.


  • Monitors the wind speed at your site consistently and accurately
  • Takes the decision making out of the hands of under-trained or mis-informed customers
  • Allows the WIND alarm to be the "bad-guy" if winds reach an unsafe level
  • Shows your customers that you are a legitimate saftey conscious operator
  • Keeps the users safe
  • Prevents injuries or even death
  • The safety of your clients is not expensive,  It's priceless



  • The alarm with mounting straps
  • Two warning strobes
  • Alarm Horn
  • Battery back-up
  • Radio connectivity to additional WIND alarms for greater coverage
  • Radio connectivity to our exit lights for a clear, bright exit path
  • Anemometer with cord
  • Pole tent mount
  • Storage/Carry case
  • Owners manual