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wind alarm for inflatables

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The WIND alarm is an early notification device that alerts the users of any outdoor game or activity of current wind conditions and allows for a fast and safe evacuation of the participants. The device is self contained and uses very little power. The notification is via a flashing strobe light coupled with a loud horn signaling the need for action.



Enclosed in a NEMA 4X rated ABS/PC blended plastic enclosure is the power supply and electronics that is the heart of the WIND device. The device has a single relay (fancy word for switch that turns the alarm on and off) set at a trip speed of 15 mph. Reset speed is 85% of the trip speed (13mph).

All components are UL and UL Signaling Listed and both power and speed sensor connections are weather-proof.

No tools needed for installation as the alarm is equipped with a female socket that slips over the tri-pod mast and the sensor installs with a quick twist of 2 wing nuts. Just plug the sensor into the alarm and the power cord into a source and the WIND alarm silently monitors the wind speed at your site.



These stands have all the features you'd expect.    These features include adjustable height with 5 stops, and a locking pin to secure the stand in each position from 42" to 60". The locking pin is captive, so you needn't worry about losing it. Durable yet lightweight 1-3/8" tubular steel construction will easily support the weight of the WIND alarm, while ABS knobs and adjustment hardware keep cost and weight to a minimum.

Specifications: +Speaker pole diameter: 1-3/8"   +Stand Height: adjustable from 42" to 63 1/2"  +Fixed height positions: 42", 47 1/2", 53", 58", 63 1/2"   +Tripod base spread: 42" maximum  +Collapsed length: 35"   +Finish: Black   +Weight capacity: 55 lbs.



  • Monitors the wind speed at your site consistently and accurately
  • Takes the decision making out of the hands of under-trained or mis-informed customers
  • Allows the WIND alarm to be the "bad-guy" if winds reach an unsafe level
  • Shows your customers that you are a legitimate saftey conscious operator
  • Keeps the users safe
  • Prevents injuries or even death
  • The safety of your clients is not expensive,  It's priceless



  • The alarm with transport/storage case
  • The tripod with transport/storage bag
  • Owners manual