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 Temporary Shelter Specialist came about many years ago as a result of being in the tent rental and event business.  We needed things, lights, tools, gadgets and gizmos that just were not available specifically  for our industry. Most of the things we needed were sometimes crude adaptations of household items, not really designed for our industry. So as all rental people do, we adapted and started modifying and creating our own products. 

After several high profile disaster events in both the tent rental and inflatable markets we decided to bring our WIND series of alarms to market in the hopes that maybe with use by others we can help prevent future injuries or even deaths due to wind related accidents.

The roll out of WIND-Inflatable was in the spring of 2016 and the WIND-Tents will be available in June 2016.

Other products coming soon are a line of lighting switches and dimmers that promise to clean up all the cluttered cords from a temporary installation, while making the task of turning on and off lights in a tent or structure as easy as it is at home.

Summer of 2016 will see the introduction of our Kedar tent, structure fabric puller. This device will revolutionize the way you install your slide in tops.